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Rio de Janeiro Highland Landscapes

Dear fellow Brazil traveler,

not much going on in Brazil that really is making headlines; the moving headlines are coming from the US these days:

More travelers want to stay within the Western Hemisphere right now! The current overcapacity in the airline industry has led to sharply lower prices, for example round-trip Rio - Las Vegas for only 460 US$ midweek plus departure taxes on Varig. We are pleased to pass these saving on to you!

1. Brazilian Energy Crisis over!

2. Brazil liberalizing more markets

3. THE mini group special

4. African Heritage tours

5. Agricultural tours and other specialty tours to Brazil

1. Brazilian Energy Crisis over!

Sooner then anybody had expected, the Energy Crisis was officially declared to be over. Since most of Brazil's energy is hydroelectric, last year's drought had hit the country especially hard. The government aimed to save 20%, but the outcome was much better: Energy savings of 23.5 % in the Northeast and even 25.3 % in the industrial Southwest.

According to the Energy Ministry, with only 60 % of the average rainfall, blackouts can be completely avoided.

For tourists, these savings mean that perhaps not every elevator in the hotels is in service, or that restaurants open somewhat later at night in order to save on air-conditioning.

For the country, the economic damage done compared to the rest of the world is rather mild: Economic growth is supposed to drop to a still-respectable 2.5 %. (Financial Times Deutschland, 28th of Aug. 2001)

2. Brazil liberalizing more markets

More Brazilian shares are traded in New York (mostly as ADRs) than in São Paulo, due to a transaction tax of 0.38 %, levied on trades made in Brazil. The tax is expected to be eliminated before the end of this year.

Another liberalizing was also overdue: Airlines can now set their prices at their discretion: In the rest of the world, fares increase dramatically as the travel date approaches. Not so in Brazil: the price was set for every seat, pretty much like taking a train or a bus. Now the airlines can charge the business travelers - the typical late bookers - a higher tariff...and lure more economy passengers with lower prices in to the back of the plane.

In the wake of this liberalization, many airlines have been founded: GOL, FLY, RODOAEREO - just to name a few. Competition is fierce, and domestic Brazilian air travel this year is - still - expected to grow by 10 %.

What this means for international travelers: Buying an Airpass is now seldom worthwhile! As before, the best deal is to buy the domestic and international tickets together: An added stopover very often can be included free!

3. THE mini group special (book by Nov 30th)

Great prices for a great destination: Brazil's state of Bahia!

20 % group discount, plus bring 8, get one free*

Great landscape, African heritage, UNESCO cultural sites, baroque colonial architecture, unforgettable beaches and unparalleled value for money.

Click on Brazil: Rhythm & Diamonds
additions to Rio de Janeiro and / or the Amazon easily customized.

Target audience: Active people, also active mature travelers with interest in culture and beautiful landscapes. Easily sold to the African heritage market.

Minimum requirements for group special: 8 passengers, tour must be booked as stated on website, customized additions are quoted net, travel between now and 15DEC, between 05JAN and 03FEB, or between 01MAR and 15JUN 2002. High season prices vary, available upon request.
*land portion only, bring 15 and get flight from Miami also free.

Similar conditions are available for other tours - upon request

4. African Heritage tours

The above tour Brazil: Rhythm and Diamonds also is the perfect African heritage tour. For your mini group, an extra emphasis can be put on the slave trade during all sightseeings. Brazil's state of Bahia has the longest history of slavery on the American continent: 1500 to 1888, nowhere in the Americas is African culture as alive as here, with many traditions from Angola that still exist in Bahia, but due to protracted civil war do not exist in Africa anymore.

Or new traditions: A dance that in effect comes from the training of self defense techniques: Capoeira. Also, a form of Catholicism which incorporates and tolerates the African Gods still today - the Virgin Mary and Yemanjá... as an example.

But even if you cannot bring a mini group of 8, just by joining our regular tour, the richness of the African culture never escape your eye!

5. Agricultural tours and other specialty tours to Brazil

Have your itinerary partly or completely customized in order to see what your group wants - and not what the standard tours let you see:

Enjoy an Escorted Agricultural Group Tour to Brazil including highlights such as soybeans, coffee, orange sugar cane, poultry, irrigation projects and sustainable agriculture under tropical conditions:

There are two ways to customize an agricultural trip for your group:

One is to add in a few days to our standard tours to meet your groups requirements:

Example: on the Rio and Amazon tour, add three nights in Brasilia in the heart of the soybean farming area. During the Iguassu Falls Pre-Tour or the Tango Samba Waterfalls tour, add ranches and poultry farms and pass through the worlds biggest soybean fields in the Brazilian state of Paraná.

Or we can completely customize a tour for your group: you tell us what your group needs to see and we arrange it for you. Please call us toll free at 1 (800) 747-4540. Our specialists are in for you between 6am and 3pm EST.

6. So, last but not least

do not forget to check our latest SPECIALS!


From of us at 4starBrazil,

we wish you all the best and hope to see soon!

Kindest regards,

Juergen Keller, President

Juergen Keller



tel. 1 (800) 747-4540 (1 (800) 747-4540)
fax 1-425-977-7192


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