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Brazil Travel News - February 2001

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Dear Fellow Brazil Travelers!

Hope you are not all covered by snow, one hears terrible stories... :-)

This time we include the following topics:
1) Pantanal light with all comforts or for the hard-core naturalist.
2) Cars and women..
3) "The Economist" - tourism to Brazil & 4starBrazil's solution
4) Cooperation with travel agencies and our new brochures
5) Brazil's Aids program - it works for Brazil, but for the Drug Firms...
6) Specials!,
Custom Itineraries & New Tour:
Rio & the Amazon


1) Pantanal light with all comforts or for the hard-core naturalists

The Pantanal, this nature lover's & birdwatcher's paradise, can now be seen through different eyes. At 4starBrazil we now offer different degrees of touches of nature. From the air-conditioned jeep to the horseback alternative. Staying in modest pousadas or in a comfortable lodge. The Brazilian Exuberance tour can now be customized to everybody's taste.

We are also now starting our excursions into the Pantanal from the northern end, from where other excursions to the Chapada dos Guimarães also can be easily customized.

2) Cars and women...

everybody seems to able to add a paragraph to this story, we too:

The world's first all-female car dealership has opened in São Paulo. Not only as a marketing tool attracting exclusively female customers - far from that - the entire staff (mechanics of course included) is female. This is one place where most "stories" about cars and women should not be told :-) (Focus, FEB 12th 2001, p. 236)

3) "The Economist" - tourism to Brazil & 4starBrazil's solution

Here a few sentences from The Economist: "Many emerging economies have great potential to boost tourism...but they must promote themselves better... "

"once there were diamonds: hence the name Chapada Diamantina ("diamond plateau"). Now, however, this paradise of lush valleys, waterfalls and underground caverns in Northeastern Brazil is one of the hidden gems being discovered..."

Well, our tour Brazil Central - Diamonds & Rhythm takes you there -

"The country's competitive advantage lies in its wealth of natural beauty and cultural highlights, quaint colonial towns such as Ouro Preto"

Hey, here again: 4starBrazil takes you right onto The Gold Route...

We are quite flattered, we humbly admit, that a renowned newsmagazine such as The Economist is now of our opinion.

But do not be afraid of too many tourists coming too soon! Another sentence worth quoting: "Only 1.9% of Brazilian public spending goes on tourism-related areas (such as promotion) versus a world average of 5.2%..." (The Economist, December 16th 2000, p.76)

4) Cooperation with travel agencies and our new brochures

Frankly, we are pleasantly surprised how many travel agencies have an in-depth knowledge of Brazil. In our recent survey, we found almost 1000 travel agencies in the US and Canada dealing regularly with Brazil. For them, we have produced a new brochure and modified our download version to be printed more easily.

If you, too, would like a copy of our new brochure...just visit our website or ask your travel agent - they might already have some!

If you are looking for a travel agent near you who is dealing with 4starBrazil's travel program, look them up on our website.

For travel agents seeing Brazil as a new opportunity, we also have familiarization programs.

5) Brazil's Aids program - it works for Brazil, but for the Drug Firms...

Brazil has been continuously lauded over the the past 10 years for its pragmatic approach of fighting Aids: As the international Herald Tribune in its Feb 10th issues says; "Fortunately there is one large developing country that can teach the world some lessons: Brazil."; The New York Times, in an article dd. 28th of January, states: "As a result, Brazil has halved its AIDS death rate, reduced hospitalization for the disease and cut the transmission rate".

Education starts in schools, condoms are handed out free not only during Carnival, drugs are free and catholic reservations put aside in public discussions.

Now this program is threatened: as drugs are too expensive for many of its citizens, Brazil has begun licensing local production of generic drugs used in the AIDS treatment. This procedure is against WTO rules. Discussions are being held with the producers of the drugs.

Since four drugs represent half of all costs of the entire anti-AIDS program, Brazil is determined to go ahead with local production in order to help its ailing citizens survive. Roche of Switzerland and Merck of the US are two of the companies involved. (FINANCIAL TIMES, Feb, 9th, 2001

6) Our current specials

And of course never forget to check out our latest specials!

You can also now request a custom itinerary for any size group on our site- from 2 to 200!

Or our new tour for Jungle lovers. The urban Jungle of Rio & the Amazon Jungle Towers. Departures every Wednesday on the Star Alliance's Varig Brazilian Airlines, using the only nonstop commercial flight from the US to the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Manaus. And always in style, always 4 star Quality.

There must be something attractive about tropical heat...

Juergen Keller



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